Are Brilliant Earth Diamond Rings Conflict Free: Everything You Need to Know

Brilliant Earth goes beyond the standards to offer conflict free diamond rings that have been carefully chosen for their environmentally and ethical origins. Read and discover more!

 Who Are Brilliant Earth and What Sets This Brand Apart

Brilliant Earth is a very popular fine jewelry brand that offers jewelry of exceptional quality originating from pure sources only. This brand strives to make jewelry as amazing as it can be and they are passionate about building a more transparent and ethical fine jewelry industry.

They can offer you a huge selection of diamond rings including lab diamonds, lab colored diamonds, colored diamonds, vintage diamonds, super ideal diamonds, gemstone rings, vintage rings, all kinds of women’s and men’s wedding rings in various colors, shapes, and styles.

If you know exactly what type of diamond ring you want to buy, you can create your own custom ring by choosing a diamond and setting.

This is just one of the many things that set Brilliant Earth apart from the other jewelry stores and brands on the market.

The jewelry stores that offer conflict free diamond rings are limiting to the Kimberley Process definition which defines conflict diamond rings as rings that support rebel movements. We are talking about diamonds that are contaminated by human rights abuses, violence, environmental degradation, and poverty.

Brilliant Earth is one of the greatest brands on the market that goes above and beyond the industry standards and sell conflict free diamonds with an officially listed country of origin. They have a special group of diamond suppliers that use a robust chain of custody protocol for their precious metals or diamonds and have an opportunity to track diamonds by origin.

brilliant also sells recycled diamonds and lab created diamonds, both of which are eco-friendly options. if you want to see more variety of diamond rings visit us at:

The Overall Impact of Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth believes that high-quality and fine jewelry need should not come at an environmental or human cost.

We really admire Brilliant Earth and their overall impact. They help consumers make better and more informed choices. They collaborate with nonprofit companies to provide objective and comprehensive information about the diamond industry. They believed that through purchasing conflict free diamonds, the customers will improve the future of the fine jewelry industry.

What is even more impressing is the fact that they donate 5% of the profit to help underdeveloped communities who have suffered from unethical practices in the diamond industry. Their goal is to build a better community, a sustainable approach, and a long-term commitment to a community development.

Brilliant Earth Jewelry believes in promoting socially responding practices that support, protect, and respect human beings, as well as, the environment we live in. They aim at treating everyone with respect, including their employees and their buyers.

A Final Word

Did you know that many diamonds are corrupted and tainted by human rights abuses including beatings, forced labor, and murder? Did you know that diamonds are sourced with methods that exploit children, workers, and communities? Did you know that diamond mining is causing environmental devastation and damages our land and water?

It is time to put an end to all of this. It is time to support Brilliant Earth in their mission and vision.

Their vision is beyond selling conflict free diamonds. They want to offer you a chance to protect the environment we live in, to stop violence, to stop child labor, and to stop ecosystem devastation.