A diamond ring is a sure way to express love to your bride-to-be if you can afford it. It is not a measure of love but it is something you will be proud to give as a sign of commitment to your relationship.  However, you can still save money while purchasing this highly valued rock ring. This is how to do it:

Set a budget

The moment you get to Brilliant Earth, it’s easy to forget what you had planned to spend on the ring. The rings are flashy and attractive and the sales descriptions are so confusing. You might lose and end up with a ring that is beyond your budget, but with a strict budget, you will stick to it.  Take a few days before you pay, just to be sure that you stick to what you want to spend.

Understand the four Cs

Don’t buy diamond unless you know all about its features. Here is what you need to know:

Cut- This refers to the stones facet and determines how it sparkles.

Color- This refers to the color of the diamond, if it’s colorless, that means it’s high quality than the one with brownish or yellowish color.

Clarity- This is about the blemishes or inclusions in a diamond.

Carat- this is the physical weight of the diamond.

The price of the diamond goes up if the diamond is perfect in any of the above categories. So, it’s simply up to you to decide the criteria that matters to you most.

Do not shop during the holidays

Holidays means people are sending money on their loved ones. Most diamond dealers will raise prices during this time because a lot of diamond sells during the holidays.

Insure the ring

Whichever diamond ring you choose for your spouse, it’s valuable, so insure it.  Some insurance providers can allow you to add the ring’s coverage on your already existing policy

Check the seller’s return policy

You never know, you might change your mind. So check how much time you have in case you want to return it. However, note that if it is engraved or personalized ring, you cannot replace it. The return policy explains all these clearly and set the proposal date before the return deadline passes.

Maintain the ring properly

Even though most jewelers will give you a warranty, they do have some terms.  Some also ask you to take the ring for inspection at least once per year. If you fail to, the warranty is voided.